Assigning Dragos

Both GEN1 and GEN2 will gain different utilities once assigned to a lair. The number of dragos that can be assigned to a lair is defined in Lair Tiers.


The GEN2 are the core work unit of your lair’s team. They can work in locked staking to earn EMBER safely, or go on adventures to find loot with variable success rates and rewards. They are also the only unit type that can find components to continue upgrading your lair.
Special GEN2s, including Ice Dragos, Mutants, and Legendary 1/1s will all have higher base earning rates and special perks, such as access to unique adventures.
Hydras, after they are implemented, will continue to be usable as work units for the lair, but each lair will only be able to accommodate 1 hydra, though it will have the output of 5 regular GEN2 dragos.


The GEN1 dragos can also be used as a work unit for your lair, in the same way that GEN2 can. They will earn at double the base rate of an ordinary GEN2 or adventure to find lootboxes, but they cannot find components for lair upgrades.
However, they also have the ability to network and develop into a leader unit capable of dramatically boosting the output of the GEN2s in the lair team, instead of being used as a work unit. Depending on the job path chosen by the GEN1, it can enhance the EMBER rewards, the drop rates of rare loot, or the success rates of dangerous adventures.

Interaction Diagram

The following is a diagram that shows how the lairs and dragos interact, using a tier 1 lair as an example.