How to get a Lair

Building a Lair

To mint a lair, you will need to use your GEN2 dragos to build it through a period of locked staking, and pay a certain amount of EMBER and a small SOL fee.
For this phase, only 1000 lairs will be initially available to be built. As the lairs are intended to be a key part of the chapter 2 roadmap’s gamification, the supply may be adjusted to meet actual player demand.
The process to build is as follows:
  1. 1.
    Prepare your EMBER, SOL, and 1 or more GEN2 dragos.
  2. 2.
    Initiate the build by paying the fee.
  3. 3.
    Send a GEN2 drago to start building. You can send more than 1 to speed up the build process, but each additional drago worker will incur a flat 100 EMBER fee.
  4. 4.
    Wait for the build progress bar to fill. With only 1 drago, it will take 28 days to finish building. Every extra drago added will contribute the same amount of labor power, but will also reduce the team’s overall efficiency by 10%. In other words, 2 dragos will work almost twice as fast. Too many workers and they will get in each other’s way, slowing down your build. The precise formula works as follows (check bottom of this page for details):
    • Team Build Rate = Number of Drago Workers * [Base Build Rate * 0.9^(Number of Dragos Workers - 1)]
  5. 5.
    When the build is at 100%, claim your new tier 1 lair NFT.

Important Build Information:

  • Once you start a build, canceling it does not return the fees spent to start the build.
  • When a drago is sent to work on the build, it will be locked until the build is finished. If you want to unstake any workers, you will have to cancel the entire build. This will reset the progress to 0.
  • There is a cooldown on gen2 dragos after they participate in and complete a build to 100% to mint a lair. Every gen2 that participated (was locked) in the build process for that lair will need to wait 28 days before it can participate in another build for a new lair. Regardless of how many dragos you used to build the lair, all of them will enter cooldown when you mint the lair. There will be a place on our website where you can check the cooldown status of a gen2 drago based on its ID/address.
  • Each wallet address is limited to one active lair build at a time, and every drago sent to build will work on that lair. If you want to mint multiple lairs, you have to start new builds in different wallets.
Build time formula and analysis
Plug in number of drago workers for x to calculate number of days to complete build: ​
The graph below shows how adding more dragos workers scales. Using more than 8 dragos on a build will start to cause inefficiency to outweigh the work contributed from the extra worker, resulting in a net slowdown of the build.