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Lair Tiers

Tier 1

  • A tier 1 lair accommodates up to 3 GEN2 dragos and 1 GEN1 drago.
  • When staked and assigned at least 1 GEN2 Meta Drago, earns 10 EMBER/day (separate from the drago’s earn)
  • Access to paired passive locked staking with higher rewards for dragos assigned to the lair, starting with 10% higher multiplier for the shortest lock time compared to non-locked staking, and increasing with longer lock periods.
  • Access to adventures for dragos with chance to find EMBER rewards, upgrades for the lair, and lootboxes with special rewards, including valuable NFTs, tokens, and more.
  • Unlocks GEN1 job changes.

Tier 2-5

  • Each higher tier adds 10 EMBER/day to the base earn rate
  • Each higher tier increases the rewards that assigned dragos earn further, either through a higher bonus to all rewards, or access to unlock different forms of adventures and new map areas with different loot available.
  • Certain tiers will expand the capacity of the lair to accommodate more dragos.