Project and EMBER Economy Impact
If all 1000 lairs are built, then at least 2 million EMBER will be removed from circulation, and collected in a DAO treasury wallet.
As of May 2022, there are only about 1.5 million EMBER in circulation, excluding what is held in the DAO treasury wallets.
It will not be possible to mint out the entire lair supply immediately until more EMBER is earned and harvested from our staking rewards or other emissions. The purpose of this design is to ensure that the lair supply is made available to a wide distribution of players that want to participate in our chapter 2 roadmap, and to maintain a healthy balance of supply and demand for EMBER over time in line with our broader tokenomics policy objectives.
After the lairs are released, new utilities for EMBER, both in-game and practical utilities for the project, will be released in a manner that coincides with the new ways of earning EMBER unlocked by the lairs.
After the lair system is introduced, the basic staking that GEN1 and GEN2 had access to before will still be available. Over time, rewards will generally shift towards the locked staking and adventures that lairs provide access to, in order to encourage people to engage with our game ecosystem.
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