The Lair Game

Once you have a lair, you will be able to play the game by installing the lair as your base of operations. To do this, go to the main lairs app at then navigate to the "Play" button as shown:

Wallet Lairs

In this area you will see some instructions for interacting with the lair system and a list of the lairs you currently hold in your wallet. In order to access the lair game functionality, you will need to install the lair by clicking the button.
Each of the lairs in your wallet can accommodate a number of dragos once they are installed in-game. Think of it as setting up a base for your dragos team to operate from. Once installed, you then need to choose which dragos you want to assign to that lair.

Locked Lairs

This section shows all your lairs that are currently installed in-game. To actually get any use out of them, you also need to assign dragos to the team that's operating at the lair. When a drago is assigned to a lair, that lair becomes locked and cannot be withdrawn unless you unassign the drago first.
Assigned dragos gain access to the features unlocked by your current lair level.
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