Lair Utilities

The Game

The essential role of the lair is to serve as a “base of operations” for your dragos within our gamified ecosystem. In order for your dragos to go out and work or adventure, they need a lair to support their logistics needs.
Every lair will “accommodate” a limited number of dragos that you will assign to it. This may vary with the tier of the lair.
In other words, the lair is your access key to all features of the game.
  1. 1.
    Work - Locked staking for your dragos to earn wages safely.
  2. 2.
    Adventure - Scour the metaverse in random adventures to find loot or EMBER, including upgrades to your lair and lootboxes.
  3. 3.
    Network - Send your GEN1s to find alpha and make frens in the metaverse, to gain experience and acquire new class skills that will make your team more efficient.
The basic action of “Work” will be the first to be released, followed by adventure and network.
In the future, this will be progressively expanded with more mechanics and lore as the world of Meta Dragos develops.
EMBER will be the primary token of the game in the beginning. As the game world expands, there may be additional SPL tokens generated to represent different resources that will be usable in a complex virtual economy.

Game Utilities

  • Earn EMBER at a base rate when staked with dragos, increasing with the tier level.
  • Apply a multiplier effect on dragos’s own EMBER rewards that are staked with the lair.
  • Unlock complementary bonuses from staking both GEN1 and GEN2s at the same time.
  • Provide access to the adventure system/game for dragos, for new stake, earn, or risk options.
  • Collect rare loot to upgrade the lair and/or which have other future utilities in the game.
In general, higher tiers will earn more and unlock more features in the game.

Practical Utilities for the Project

  • Lootboxes from adventures that contain valuable rewards, such as WL, NFTs, tokens, redeemable tickets to other features below, etc.
  • Unlock trait re-rolling for Meta Drago NFTs
  • Unlock trait customization for Meta Drago NFTs
  • Unlock priority access to special limited-time events to acquire rare NFTs or other valuable opportunities in our ecosystem
In general these utilities will be available to all drago lair stakers when released, but they will require spending EMBER and higher tiers of lairs will have scaling discounts for these types of utilities. The exact amount of discount will depend on the specific utility and announced when each feature is released.
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