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Lairs FAQ


How many lairs can I build?
As many as you want, only limited by the total available supply.
Can I use the same GEN2 to build another lair?
Only after the 28 day cooldown.
How will I know if a drago is in its cooldown or not?
There will be a place on our website where you can check it.
Can GEN1 build lairs?
No. Only GEN2, including mutants and ice dragos, can build lairs.
What if too few lairs are built?
The lairs do not need to be minted out for the utilities to be implemented. If the mint goes very slowly or we feel that there is insufficient demand, we can simply close the building feature to keep the lairs rare, continue working on developing the utilities, then re-open the building opportunity later once people catch on to how important they are, at a higher price.
What if there’s too much demand for the lairs? There’s 2222 GEN2 dragos, does this mean not everybody will get a chance to get a lair?
We will closely monitor the situation and make adjustments accordingly. Because we also have a hydra mint planned which will burn up to 750 GEN2s, the actual number of playable GEN2s will be lower. In addition, one lair will support multiple dragos.
However, we want to ensure that everybody who wants to build a lair will have a fair chance to do so with a wide distribution of holders. If we do open more opportunities to build lairs in the future, it will be based on growth of the community, and the cost will also be higher.